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    Mr. Samuel Chou conducts a lecture in Shanghai Ocean University










    Mr. Samuel Chou, COO of Luen Thai Fishing Venture Ltd. & president of Liancheng Overseas Fishery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is invited by Shanghai Ocean University to conduct a lecture regarding to the trend and solution on the development of the fresh tuna long liner in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean in Shanghai Ocean University on 25 May, 2012. The lecturers and students from the Marine Science Colleague, Shanghai Ocean University carefully listens the lecture from Mr. Samuel Chou.

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    Mr. Samuel Chou makes a brief introduction on tuna catching, base operation, processing plant, seafood logistic, tuna sales and marketing. Apart from that, Mr. Samuel Chou also introduces the general operation of LTFV and SZLC, information management, tuna resources in the western and central Pacific Ocean, the development trend of international fishery management, the development of island countries and marketing situation etc. In order to highlight the importance of the information management in fishery, Mr. Samuel Chou demonstrates the vessel monitoring system (VSM2) and most of the lecturers and students show great interests in the system. 


    Mr. Samuel Chou answers the questions from the students and exchanges the views with the lecturers during the last section of his lecture. Mr. Samuel foresees the great future of the fishery so he encourages the students to devote themselves to this industry.


    Mr. Samuel has been given the high praise for his lecture.


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